The most rewarding projectyou could ever undertake

This isn’t about peak performance hiit sessions, calorie counting nutrition or zen like mastery of ones self.

This is bigger than that.


This is about the struggles we all go through- in our own unique ways.

This is the grit – the determination.

This is the awareness to speak up. To speak out.

This is taking the first step to help yourself. To unlocking your full potential.

This is the most important thing you can ever work on.

This is…


Your whole Health App

This app is different. It considers your whole health – every aspect you need to be living a healthy and full life. It will encourage you to set goals while getting into the right mindset for change. Considering meditation, sleep, water intake, exercise and nutrition – the app will give you the recipe to live your best life.


Real stories. Real inspiration.

PROJECT YOU TV is a total life transformational reality show that’s focus is to inspire participants, and viewers, to create their personal version of success, encompassing the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of living a healthier, holistically focused life.

The show will run on <channel> during these times. Don’t miss this for your hit of inspiration!


Your health fix, in detail.

Learn about what it takes to be the healthiest version of you. The six pillars of health are so important to empower your life’s journey.


Life-changing listening

Listen to the soundtrack of the TV show – which may become the soundtrack to your life.

Music by: Candice Dianna


Help others thrive

Once you’ve transformed your life, you’ll want to ensure others do the same. Help change more lives today.

project you
Six Mindfulness

Experience consciousness and higher awareness through mindfulness practices such as meditation and being present. It’s not as hard as you might think!

project you
Five Sleep

The amount and quality of your sleep is the secret to capatilising on being able to continually get your brain to operate at peak performance.

project you
Four Hydration

Quality drinking water that you appreciate will have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. Be grateful for the water you drink, feel that you’re bringing healthier energy into your personal being.

project you
Three Breathing

The way you breathe can profoundly affect your mental, physical and emotional health. Most people need to re-educate themselves to breathe properly - it’s worth it, the benefits are endless...

project you
Two Nutrition

The purpose of nutrients is to fuel you, help you repair and recover so that you can function optimally. The vibrational frequency of what you eat will impact how your body responds, as well as your overall relationship with food.

project you
One Movement

Moving your body is a catalyst for the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Simply being active on a regular basis can improve your energy, mood, and mobility.

Six pillars of health

The basis of Project You’s whole health philosophy. Researched and proven aspects of health that once followed consistently will be the catalyst for personal change.

Our team of experts

Michael Abdallah


Michael’s laser focus, along with his purpose to liberate and empower people, has formed the backbone of Project You.

Michael believes that by improving yourself and focusing on your own journey, you can make a difference in not only your life, but for those around you. You will be a better friend, parent, sibling or colleague – and you will be able to pass on your knowledge and inspire others to do the same.

Behavioral Psychology
Life coach

Master Jie


Master Jie(MJ) is gifted with an awakened ‘Third Eye’, this unique ability helps to identify the fundamental source that impacts one’s wellness.

MJ has comprehensive knowledge about energy flow channels and meridians coupled with energy healing ability that accurately diagnosis the locations of blocked energy flow.

MJ is passionate about sharing his knowledge about how we are in constant interaction with the universal energy and how we can holistic improve ones body, mind and emotions.

Energy Healing
Breath Work

Anthea Spark


Anthea Spark is a Soul Centred Relationship and Intimacy Coach and has dedicated 22 years to exploring and teaching different personal development modalities, including psychotherapy and runs life transforming programs.

Anthea is dedicated to helping others shift their consciousness, heal their trauma and step into their most empowered self – When taught how to create deep and intimate relationships with themselves they’re able to do the same with others ‘Anthea Quotes’.

Self Love

Ed Fraust


Ed has dedicated himself to research and learning a multitude of modalities combing metaphysics and holistic natural medicine in his quest of creating a unique and comprehensive model that facilitates healing.

Ed is one of very few Kinesiopractic® practitioner in the world and an instructor of Total Body Modification.

Complimentary Medicine Consultant
Trainer / Coach